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What Teens Should Know

Each day you probably face numerous problems and have important decisions to make, but did you know that two decisions you make could mean the difference between life and death?


Those choices involve your ability to safely operate a motor vehicle and to understand all the factors associated with underage drinking.

Remember too that your parents can provide valuable support and assistance when facing these challenges.  Research shows that teens are less apt to engage in harmful behavior involving alcohol if they and their parents talk about the subject, so communication is important.  If teens believe they are a principal part of the family, they are also less inclined to drink and drive.

It is important to recognize that when it comes to operating a motor vehicle, about 5000 teen drivers are injured or killed in New Mexico each year; therefore, teens should understand that the graduated license system is in place for their benefit.  The system enables beginning drivers to become gradually introduced to the skills and responsibilities necessary to be a responsible, safe motorist.


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