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The New Mexico Law Enforcement Training Program (NMLETP) educates law enforcement personnel in the development, implementation, and management of traffic safety initiatives.

All NMLETP courses are administered by highly-qualified instructors who have relevant field experience and are accredited by the New Mexico Department of Public Safety Law Enforcement Academy. All certified New Mexico law enforcement personnel are eligible to register for NMLETP courses at no cost.  Registration priority is given to agencies who participate in NMDOT programs. 

The following trainings are available


Selective Traffic Enforcement Program (STEP)

The Selective Traffic Enforcement Program (STEP) class assists law enforcement personnel in developing, implementing, and managing traffic safety programs.  Students will learn to apply STEP to traffic problems in their particular area of responsibility.  The course is designed for law enforcement personnel, including but not limited to, field officers, first line supervisors, managers, administrators, grant managers, and law enforcement program coordinators.

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DWI Checkpoint Operations Training

This day-long training demonstrates how to manage a successful DWI Checkpoint.  All aspects of conducting DWI Checkpoints are covered, including objectives, operational plans, legal issues, safety concerns, and the NMDOT guidelines.  Students will gain hands-on experience by observing a real checkpoint.  The training is designed for all certified law enforcement personnel.

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Radar/LIDAR Operator Training

This 2-day training course will assist law enforcement personnel in developing the skills necessary to successfully operate Radar and laser technology.  Students will gain a comprehensive understanding of the motivation, basic methods, principles, and operation of radar and laser technology used in speed enforcement.  Training topics include detailed mathematic and scientific principles for successful use of radar and laser technology, information about moving and stationary radar, legal issues, and preparing for court testimony. The course is designed for law enforcement personnel, including but not limited to, field officers and first-line supervisors. 

Course Prerequisites and Requirements: Students should bring a radar unit (in-car and/or hand-held), LIDAR unit, reflective vest, and note taking material. Students may attend one class or both classes.

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Traffic Crash Reconstruction Series

Traffic Crash Investigation Training (Three-Part Series)

This three-part series includes At-Scene Traffic Crash Investigation Training, Advanced Traffic Crash Investigation Training, and Traffic Crash Reconstruction Training.

Throughout the series, students will gain the necessary skills to conduct a thorough traffic crash investigation and properly document findings for courtroom presentations.  Students will learn the proper procedures for measuring, scale diagramming, and photographing in order to record physical evidence and essential facts available only at the crash scene.  Students will learn to estimate speeds and calculate kinetic and linear momentum resulting from falls, vaults, and flips.  Students will also learn to evaluate vehicle lamps, tires, and damage to help determine vehicle behaviors during collisions.  Additionally, students will take part in more intense study of time/distance calculations, angular momentum, and impact speed calculations using momentum equations, and gain hands-on experience in crash reconstruction through extensive project work and controlled vehicle experiments.

You must register for all three courses in the Traffic Crash Investigation Training series to earn credit.

PREREQUISITE: Students must be experienced field officers with a strong understanding of mathematical concepts. 

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Law Enforcement Coordinators’ Symposium

The annual Law Enforcement Coordinators’ Symposium (LECS) is conducted for representatives from New Mexico law enforcement agencies participating in ENDWI, BKLUP/CIOT, 100 Days and Nights of Summer, STEP, and other TSD-sponsored enhanced enforcement programs.  The LECS provides law enforcement representatives the opportunity to obtain current program information, legal and administrative updates, and to receive continuing education units.

The 2021 LECS is scheduled to be held virtually May 5.  


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