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Funded by the New Mexico Department of Transportation Traffic Safety Division, the
New Mexico Child Safety Seat Distribution Program (NMCSSDP) helps provide car seats and education on how to properly use them to low-income New Mexico families at a low cost.

There are approximately 40 distribution locations statewide, and each site has specific qualifications families must meet before being issued a seat.


Do I Qualify for this Program?

Each car seat distribution site has their own qualifications families must meet before being issued a car seat. Most locations will ask families to provide proof of eligibility for Medicaid, WIC, or New Mexi-Kids.

How Do I Get a Car Seat?

If you qualify for the program, a trained NMCSSDP staff member will provide the appropriate seat for your child.  Parents and caregivers must be educated on the proper use of the seat, are provided educational resources, and are required to watch an educational video before being issued a seat.  Families may only receive one car seat per child.

Who Can Help Me Install the Car Seat?

In some cases, NMCSSDP site personnel are certified child passenger safety technicians and will be able to assist you.  If there is not a technician available, please make an appointment at an upcoming Car Seat Inspection Event near you, and a technician will assist you. Click here for the schedule.

Can I Borrow a Car Seat?

No. Distribution sites may not loan out car seats to families or any other agencies/entities. 

What is the Fee for a Car Seat through this Program?

Fees vary by distribution site. However, the car seat fee for qualified families is typically $35.  Personal checks are not accepted; please bring cash or a money order to pay the fee.  All fees are put directly back into the program to assist other families.

How Do I Contact a Distribution Site?

To direct you to the nearest distribution site to you, please call our office directly at
800-231-6145 or 505-856-6143.


Administrative Office
9400 Holly Avenue NE, Suite 201
Albuquerque, NM 87122

Injury Prevention Resource Center
3220 Richards Lane, Suite A
Santa Fe, NM 87505

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