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DWI Prevention

Checkpoints and Targeted Enforcement

Participating law enforcement agencies conduct sobriety checkpoints, saturation patrols, directed enforcement, public education, and other targeted efforts as part of various state and federal traffic safety programs.  These programs may include Operation DWI (ODWI), Operation Buckle Down (OBD), STEP, Click It or Ticket, "100 Days & Nights of Summer", and others.  Throughout the year, the agencies have the flexibility they need to schedule these activities according to local needs, however most ODWI activity occurs during Superblitz periods.  Based on national and local research, these programs are proven effective in influencing behavior.  According to the UNM Division of Government Research (DGR), from 1990 to 2006, New Mexico's alcohol-involved fatal crash rate declined nearly 40%.  The DGR also reports that in 2006, the State's seat belt use rate remained at an all-time high of 90%.  Increased seat belt use correlates with a significant decrease in serious injuries.

As of August 2009, 80 law enforcement agencies (includes municipal, county, and tribal agencies) and each of the 12 New Mexico State Police Districts participate in one or more NMDOT TSB enhanced enforcement programs. 

Monthly Summary Reports for OBD and ODWI

With the assistance of New Mexico law enforcement personnel, Safer tracks the numbers of DWI arrests, the numbers of seat belt and child restraint violations, and the numbers of other citations and arrests made as a result of ODWI/OBD enforcement efforts. Data is then compiled into summary reports for evaluation and tracking purposes. To download an Adobe Acrobat PDF document click on the desired monthly report below:

Operation Buckle Down Reports

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Operation DWI Reports

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